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In a relationship with a narcissist – The different phases

Living with a family member or a spouse/significant other who is narcissist often will really throw you off your bearing, because you go through extremes – from idealization down to being discarded. My search to understand narcissism and the codependents

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Narcissist What Are They Like

My concept of narcissism a few years ago was pretty simple.  Anybody who was egotistical or full of himself, or what we simply call as “mayabang” was a narcissist.  Anybody who couldn’t help but look at themselves in the mirror

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Welcome to our Narcissist Support Group (Philippines)

Welcome to our Narcissistic Personality Disorder Survivors Group (Philippines). A resource and support forum dedicated to Filipinos who have dealt with a spouse, loved one or a family member with narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). Interacting with these individuals and recovering

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