Welcome to our Narcissistic Personality Disorder Survivors Group (Philippines).

We are hoping to build a support group to help Filipinos understand, cope and survive the neurotic and disordered nature of narcissistic behavior in hope that somehow we can aid in the process, or even just to send a message out to survivors out there that they are not alone.

Unlike our counterpart survivors in western countries who have easier access to psychologists, support groups and who are more open to having  their narcissitic partners diagnosed by an expert, we Filipinos are a little bit more reserved, secretive and do not openly talk about such disorders (or being married to someone or having a family member suffering from NPD).

We claim no expertise at all.  Like most of you we are survivors ourselves – all in different stages of dealing with our narcissistic loved one.  It is our hope that someday we can get some experts to help us run this forum to help guide Filipinos who are in narcissistic relationships. The site is simply going to allow people to talk, share, get some insights, get things off their chest and give advice if you feel like it.


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